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What we do

In simple terms, we develop, design, construct, refurbish and operate outstanding buildings.

We are a development and property investment company focused on the residential and commercial sectors of the Republic of Cameroon market.

Our broad expertise and strong teamwork have allowed us to showcase the knowledge of development projects and investment assets, covering the residential and commercial sectors in some of Cameroon’s most attractive locations.

We are unlike any other construction or development company in the area. We are able to control costs and production delays by keeping the majority of our work in–house. We own our concrete products factory and heavy equipment, do all our construction, and have dependable contractors. In short we are the only company that can develop a property completely. From original groundbreaking of undeveloped properties to the sales of completed residential housing and maintains complete control.

There are few development companies that are able to complete projects of this scope that are located in Cameroon. Many construction contractors are only capable of completing sections of a job and rely heavily on outsourced workers. This can lead to unreliable results, delays and cost overages.

The density of full-scale land developers in Cameroon is slight. Many companies lack the resources, experience or financing to complete large scale development projects. We have the resources and the experience to develop large projects. We control costs and delays by keeping the majority of our project completion in-house. This allows us to control costs, delays and maintain a tight timeline.

People choose building contractors based on the reputation of the contractor and the quality of their customer service. People seek contractors that offer services that complement their time constraints, budget and style. They also choose contractors based on personality compatibility.

There are few contractors that have the resources to complete large development projects. These companies are similar in size and scope. They do not have the strong local reputation of Ecoconstruct, nor do they complete projects with complete in-house controls. We are able to control costs and delays far better than our competitors.

Our business strategy is we will seek funding from local resources; our reputation and reliability is established with these firms. We provide an outstanding value for their clients and have successful marketing programs in place. Our first subdivision development will offer an elite living experience for average families, upper-income retired couples and people desiring showcase homes.

Our value proposition proposed a sub-development project that offers purchasers extended value. The thoughtful layout of the site allows for privacy and maximum enjoyment of the land. The construction of a park and the extensive walking/riding trail demonstrates a respect for the people who will make this subdivision home. We are offering premier living conditions, with scenic views, and access to nature and privacy. The commitment to sustained land values and aesthetic appeal is an extra value attraction for our sub-development.

For more information click here to read the Statement of Intentions issued by Douala and Yaoundé Urban councils for a new partnership to make progress towards developing more vibrant environment for the city dwellers.

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