What made us different is that we produced our own buildings from a single local sourced material “Perlite” by deploying the System HCH, a complete system allowing a quick construction of whole building structure and envelope in two days.

The building elements can be supplied in a wide range of dimensions, depending on their intended use.

The basic model, meant as the main wall’s structure, construction program for residential and office buildings. Watch this video for just a taste of how it’s been done.

The HCH System is fully joint less construction technology that simplifies and speeds up building process, eliminating the need for water, energy and heavy equipment during the construction process in every climate zone 365 days a year.

The HCH System is based on unique set of construction prefabricates made of perlite, which can be jointed in precise way without any additional binding materials. The product has perfect properties: is energy-saving, environmental friendly, economical in manufacture and montage. In comparison to traditional technology it allows significant acceleration of the investment completion process, lowering costs of house construction in substantial way. The technology optimalises maintenance cost.

We bring innovative building construction technology or materials. Haven said an intelligent housing technology that can meet safety, life-style aspirations, building made safer, faster and more economical.

We hold strong on innovative product and construction technologies that are adaptable and responsive to the changing needs of home owners as to their comfort, safety, health and living environment or to the pressures on the built environment; energy efficiency and environmental sustainability buildings.

The eventual results expected from the innovative building construction aim in this region will be demonstrated as a full-scale typical two-storey French family house designed to sustain extreme loads of wind, vibrations and earthquake. To learn more on this incredible building technology click here. For the type of beautiful and life-style aspiration houses produced with this technology see catalog.

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