Our Values

1- Property Fencing

You only get one chance to have your fence built correctly. We here at CNPS Property a fence that has gone through severely collapses with other builders and we finally get the right solution for the fence back on its feet and we invite you to view our previous works. We are sure you will discover that we simply offer better quality and better service at a better price.

You may ask, why us?

We understand that it's difficult to choose someone to do your work and that they will do a good job. We understand that concern and want the opportunity to talk to you, show you previous works we have done, get feedback from previous customers and help you become more informed about people you are trusting to do your work.

2- University Campus Planning

An overview of Urban Strategies experience with campus master planning projects. How do universities build identity?

How much of a school’s identity is bound up with its academic achievements, and what else may account for it? This is the first in a two-part essay about campus architecture and planning.

A school is more than just the sum of its intellectual records. Its legacy is very much tied to a physical place: its campus. More than a mascot or a symbol, the design of a campus and the buildings that form it greatly contribute to a university’s lasting identity.

However, the Group Universities ISEM-IBCG Douala entrusted us with the goal to foster an intellectual design work and community, the concept of a master plan which must be expanded to include distinctly intellectual components.

3- Understanding the Full Scope of Residential Renovation

All residential renovation projects designed by our office begin with a Design Consultation. A design consultation gives you an architect’s expertise for limited time at a reasonable price.

About the process and for information on getting the most from your Design Consultation.

After the Design Consultation, if your project requires the services of an architect, you would then retain our firm which begins with the signing of a standard contract recommended by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development between Owner and Architect, as well as a deposit. We would then move into Phase I of our four phase process. We were contracted to carry out complete transformation of a 2 storey building in Bonapriso where we did integrated a swimming pool, constructed a new fence and reposition the main entry gate and reformed the building architectural look with new pillars.


Document Existing Conditions

Addition and renovation projects require an investigation of existing conditions, details and dimensions. The entire house must be photographed, measured and recorded by our staff. The information gathered will be used to prepare accurate computer drawings depicting physical conditions in plan and elevation. These drawings will serve as a foundation for future explorations and detailed work on your home. The charges for recording existing conditions are on an hourly basis plus expenses, and average 800 Fcfa per square meter of living area. If you are able to provide us with accurate measured drawings of the subject area, these charges may be reduced.


Schematic Design

Preliminary plans depicting proposed home with additions and/or renovations. These idea sketches will be prepared considering the results from our initial design consultation, additional thoughts you may have realized since that time, and adjustments resulting from our further study considering the context of your entire site and neighborhood. We believe that a successful “extension” of an existing home should blend seamlessly with the original. Of primary importance is to resolve the entire ebb and flow of interior and exterior functions. Style is taken into consideration only after the challenges of flow have been solved for style without function soon grows tedious, but style with function makes elegance effortless and sustainable.

The drawings prepared during this phase will depict proposed changes in sufficient detail to both confirm your approval as well as to obtain a detailed preliminary estimate from a selected contractor. Adjustments to the scope of work will be addressed before proceeding to the next phase. The revised scope of work will be used as a guide for preparing the detailed construction drawings of Phase III.

For less involved projects, charges for this phase are billed hourly and the price varies with the size and complexity of the work anticipated. Time charges for schematic design services are in addition to the reimbursable expenses for measuring and recording existing conditions. For more extensive projects, costs for this phase typically run about 2% of the cost of construction.


Construction Documents

Commonly referred to as working drawings, the construction documents will build your project on paper. Client directed changes during this phase should be limited to material selections and not shifts in the floor plan or elevations. Coordinating changes through all of the drawings requires considerable additional time and increased project costs. Details from this set of drawings will guide the contractor and suppliers in preparing a competitive proposal, as well as lead the workers through the construction process. We will clearly define and draw what is expected from the contractor in terms of materials, quality of workmanship and proportion. Included in the drawings will be descriptions of the foundations, framing, floor plans, elevations (interior and exterior), door and window schedules, finishes and specifications.

After final drawings are prepared, your selected contractor will be asked to prepare a fixed price proposal. We will assist you in negotiating the final price as well as preparing a standard Contract between Owner and Contractor for the construction. This contract will incorporate all details and changes to date. Fees for this phase typically run about 8% of the cost of construction. For projects with smaller construction budgets, hourly fees for this phase may result in a higher percentage.


Construction Contract Administration

Our role during the construction phase is to monitor the construction contract and enables the contractor to deliver the project in a timely and cost efficient manner with the quality anticipated. We review and process the contractor’s requests for payment. We will periodically visit the project site to assure that construction is progressing in accordance with our plans. We are also available to the contractor, his/her suppliers and subcontractors during the project to explain or address questions that arise during construction. The typical site visit schedule includes:
  • Pre-construction: to review on-site the work and staging areas with both the contractor and our client
  • Prior to demolition of interior elements: to confirm zoning-off of dust and debris from occupied living areas, as well as confirming structural integrity of contractor’s proposed removal procedures
  • Prior to pouring of concrete – with steel set in the footings: we will be present during the concrete pour itself to confirm proper mix and placement
  • Prior to framing black-in – with framing otherwise complete
  • Prior to sheet rock installation – with electrical and plumbing in place
  • Prior to recommending approval and payment of the monthly Contractor’s Application for Payments: we will review the amounts requested with the actual work performed, recommend adjustments and withholdings where appropriate
  • Prior to issuance of a Certificate of Substantial Completion: for development of punch list
  • For final inspection and issuance of final Certificate for Payment

Each site visit is followed with a Field Report covering work in progress, observations and recommendations. The duration and complexity of the construction will affect the fees required for this phase. On average, services through construction total 4% of the cost of construction. Additional site representation, if requested and authorized, is billed on an hourly basis.

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